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How to find the folder where my Outlook file is located?
  1. Start your Outlook
  2. Check if the folder list is visible on the left side. If not then click on the menu 'view' and then on 'folder list'.
  3. Right click on the 'personal folders' in the folder list.
  4. Click on 'Properties' and then on 'Advanced'.
  5. The path to the pst file is shown in the second row.

View this demo to learn how you find the path of your pst file.

How to share the folder where my Outlook file is located in my network?
Can Outlook stay open during the synchronization?
Yes, your Outlook on the computer where 'SynchPst for Outlook' is running can stay open during the synchronization.
On the other hand you need to close Outlook on the other computer if you want to synchronize a pst file on the other computer. No other computer is allowed to access the pst files during the synchronization.
Can I automate the synchronization of my pst files?

Yes, you can batch your synchronization in the Professional version. The following parameters are supported:

/settings [file]
opens the scenario in the saved file
/mode [mode]
specifies the synchronization direction:
- toleft
- toright
- both
you are not asked for the log after the synchronization
Quits SynchPst after the synchronization automatically.
synchronizes the complete pst file
Starts the Outlook synchronization minimized. You see the SynchPst icon in the tray near the clock.

You can create this batch file easily with the menu 'File' > 'Create batch file'. A wizard will help you.

How do I create a spo file?
  1. Choose source and target file.
  2. Tick the folders you want to synchronize.
  3. Click on File > Save to create the spo file.

If you want to synchronize your scenario saved in "c:\test.spo" in both directions and don't want to see the log file and SynchPst should quits after synchronization then you need this command:
synchpst.exe /settings c:\test.spo /mode both /nolog /quit

Can 'SynchPst for Outlook' synchronize Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2003?

Yes, 'SynchPst for Outlook' is able to synchronize different Outlook versions. If you want to synchronize Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002 with a new Outlook version like Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2013 then you should install 'SynchPst for Outlook' on the Outlook 2007 computer because the Outlook versions 2000 and 2002 can not open the new Outlook data file format.

Can I use my wireless network connection to synchronize Outlook?

You can use both a classic network connection and a wireless network connection to synchronize Outlook. If you use a wireless network connection then please assure that you have an excellent network connection during the synchronization process.

I have a BlackBerry or a smartphone. Can I use 'SynchPst for Outlook'?

Blackberries or iPhones are not supported by 'SynchPst for Outlook'.
But usually there are no problems with 'SynchPst for Outlook' in combination with a BlackBerry or any other smartphones. So you can use 'SynchPst for Outlook' to synchornize your Outlook and iTunes to synchronize your iPhone or iPad.

For more information contact us at support@synchpst.com

Uninstall Instructions

If you want to uninstall SynchPST then open your control panel. In the "Add or Remove software" section you can uninstall SynchPST.


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