Customer Testimonials

This product works and has saved me hours each month

Being a Realtor, it is imperative that I keep track of my client's email transactions. Working from my home office, it is necessary to use a PC and a laptop for backup. Using Microsoft Outlook as my email interface, it is also necessary to synch the pst files between the two systems. I have used Wisco's SynchPST for several years and it is an easy way to synch my Outlook pst files.

This product works and has saved me hours each month in synching my pst files. In addition, Wisco backs up their products and provides exceptional service. If you're looking for a program to synch your Outlook pst files, try it out. I highly recommend this product and look forward to trying out some other products shortly.

Rob Gomberg, California

Using SynchPST changed my life

I've been using SynchPST for about a month now and I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much it's changed my life. I'd been looking for a way to move away from Act and get rid of Eudora, both of which I've used for over 10 years. I really didn't want to set up an Exchange Server for my two-person office, so I was kind of groping around for an answer.

Then your remarkable product jumped up before me. I'm now able to combine everything in one place and sync it with my wife's computer in just seconds. I was so happy with the way all this worked out that I went out and bought a Windows Mobile 6 phone (Samsung i760), and now everything is humming along in Woods Central. I can make appointments and new contacts when I'm out in the field, and when I get home, everything that has occurred while I'm out will be synchronized with Outlook and then my wife's computer.

Thanks so much for creating an amazing product.

Gary Woods, Santa Barbara, California

This program is my lifeline and I love it

Just to let you know: Before I chose your software, I purchased every single program of this type that was available. Downloaded every free one I could find. I then proceeded to set up what turned out to be a system with 5 computers running my daily Outlook syncing, running different software for 3 months.

Cross-checking the results was a huge effort. What I learned - when it comes to syncing software, thinking the results are what you want will lead you to a disaster of incredible proportions.

SynchPST won hands down. There was no decision to be made. You made it for me, with proven results.

If you ask why I would go to this expense and effort, then I will simply reply, why did you spend thousands of hours developing it to this point?

The answer is simple. My data is priceless to me. The time in my life that I save doing this daily task ACCURATELY with SynchPST is priceless to me and my family.

This program is my lifeline and I love it.

As a side note, there came a time when I noticed a problem. It was a date issue which did not leave me with a nice sync. I'm sure you remember this. By the time I recognized the problem and was going to email you for support, I was notified with an update to correct. KUDOS.

Wayne Fraser

Great product!!!

I evaluated SynchPST versus two other programs. With the others, I had issues with duplicate and missing entries. SynchPST has worked flawlessly, and I have peace of mind that my precious data will not get corrupted.

Also, your professional version has more features over the others, and your website is better. Overall, great product!!!

Steve Storm, Peoria, Illinois

By far the best money I have spent in quite a while!

I've been using SynchPST for a few months now and am just writing to let you know what a lifesaver it has been for me! Though I work from home from a desktop, I frequently am out and about working from my laptop. In the past, I would constantly have to switch back and forth between the laptop & desktop to find a particular sent e-mail, appointment, or whatever. With a few simple keystrokes, SynchPST has eliminated the frustration I experienced when trying to find something or keep my schedule up to date.

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It was by far the best money I have spent in quite a while!

I'm working on getting my boss to purchase the program for himself so hopefully you'll have another "believer" soon. Thanks again!

Jo Hoeppner, Lead Your School, Houston, Texas

A "killer application" for the small business market

Thank you for keeping up with development. SynchPST is a wonderful application for people on the move or those who run a small business. I have been using your product now for three years or more, and I have been very pleased not only with the product, but with your personal attention to issues and problems as we encounter them.

If I have not said it before, not only is it a "killer application" for the small-business market, but you have never disappointed me with your support either. All the best to you, your team, and associates.

Desh R. Urs, Managing Partner, iBridge LLC, Portland, Oregon

Saves so much hassle

Downloaded your product to evaluate it and immediately purchased the professional version. I am delighted for the following reasons:

  • Simplicity in setup
  • Ease of operation
  • Ingenuity of concept

Such a piece of software, which saves so much hassle, is worthy of support.

Patrick Finnegan, P.T. Finnegan & Co.

An honest, simple, small, easy-to-use, and practical piece of software

I bought SynchPST about 3 months ago and installed it on my Windows Vista laptop. It was PERFECT! I now have control of my life again!!!

Seriously though, this program is perfect. It just plain works - properly, quickly, efficiently, and with no BS!

Thank you for an honest, simple, small, easy-to-use, and practical piece of software.


Trevor Sexton

A superb necessary product at a reasonable price!

SynchPST has been working flawlessly since I installed it. I couldn't be more pleased.

I spent a good bit of time looking on the Internet for a product like this after I discovered much to my dismay that Microsoft had no way to do this.

I decided on your product primarily because of the professionalism of your website. I thought that if you spent time making a website look professional that the product should be good too. So I downloaded SynchPST, tried it out, and liked what it did.

Thank you for such a superb necessary product at a reasonable price!

Gary Coombs

Dollar for dollar, a great product that does exactly what you say it will

I am a mobile user, frequently needing to tap into e-mail documents from months and even years before. Outlook has a synch option, but it is limited and does not work well for multiple PST files or for old archival data. Due to the volume of e-mail I work with, I use multiple PST files, a current one, and older files are in PST files that cover a few years each to keep the files small.

SynchPST allows me to organize my PST files in the way it works best for me, and I don't have to worry about keeping a copy on my hard drive and server synced. SynchPST does it for me reliably and painlessly. My files are on my local drive, indexed and searchable by desktop search at all times, and I have the confidence that they are also secured on my corporate server without fail.

No headaches for me now that I use SynchPST, and it's the first app I put on a new mobile computer. It has also helped make me bullet-proof in meetings, because I carry my entire Outlook history into every meeting, and can search and find relevant documents in seconds.

It's rare that you find an application that is almost invisible and completely unobtrusive, but at the same time lets the user get the most out of their computer. When my computer failed, I never missed a beat and lost nothing because SynchPST did its job so well.

This is a great product that does exactly what you say it will. As a developer and user of many applications, you have my well-earned respect for an outstanding, well-designed product, and very good timely customer service.

Dollar for dollar, I cannot think of a more valuable purchase I've made. For any mobile professional who wants both a server-based backed-up PST file, and to be able to access and use the information anytime anywhere, SynchPST gives you the best of both worlds. It has earned a place on my rather short list of "top shelf" applications.

Eric Gasber R.N., Operations Coordinator, Children's Memorial Hospital, The Center for Clinical Trials Research, Chicago, Illinois

The only Outlook-syncing software that really worked well (and fast too)

I searched high and low for Outlook-syncing software and tried most of them. I waited to try you out last only because it was the most expensive. In actuality, your software was the only one that really worked well (and fast too). I kick myself for not trying your software first. You know that old saying, “You get what you pay for”?

I will recommend your software to anyone. I guarantee that.

Nathan H. Young, Vice President, North Star Mortgage Network

A software that says what it does and does what it says

"I love SynchPST! It's refreshing to use software that says what it does and does what it says. I've recommended this several times to people with similar needs to myself."

Greg K., USA

We’d be lost without your software!

Thanks for the follow-up. We'd be lost without your software!

Robert G. Lowe BBA CCIM, Sherwood Realty Group, Ontario, Canada

Works perfectly for what I want it to do!

Excellent program by the way—works perfectly for what I want it to do!

Steve Cooksley

Good support is such a rare thing these days!

Thanks for the quick response. Good support is such a rare thing these days!

Doug, Micro Center, USA

A very nice piece of software

I’m very happy with SynchPST and I’m going to buy it. Congratulations for your work and thanks for a very nice piece of software and for your ready answer.

Carlos Magalhães

We couldn't do without SynchPST

Thanks for the help and for replying to my e-mail so quickly. We couldn't do without SynchPST. Great product.

William Kitto

5 stars!

Great product, and the support is terrific. I have been using it for years and it does what I ask with no fuss. 5 stars!

Rick Betterley, President, Betterley Risk Consultants, Inc.

It is brilliant

Have completed synching on all aspects of Outlook. It is brilliant.

I appreciate your help more than I can say. You gave great service, way over and above that which could be reasonably expected.

John Driscoll, Director, Coaching for Performance

I am very pleased with SynchPST for Outlook

I am very pleased with SynchPST for Outlook. At the beginning and end of every weekend I sync up both laptop and desktop.

Henry A. Jackson

Congrats on your speed and clear answers

You respond faster to Customer Service questions than anyone else. Congrats on your speed and clear answers.

David Schatz

Very easy to use and it solves my needs perfectly!

I recently purchased your SynchPST for Outlook Professional programme and I'm using it successfully on a Windows 7 64-bit system. I have three Pst accounts and a Microsoft Exchange account in Outlook, and your program is very easy to use and it solves my needs perfectly!

I've also started using your batch file wizard and it works like a dream.

Wayne G. Viljoen, Project Geologist, Exploracoes Mineiras De Mocambique

Absolutely brilliant software

That is incredibly generous of you to offer me a discount, and I’m very grateful! I used the evaluation copy today for the first time and I had a massive sigh of relief! Now I will be totally stress-free for when I start my new teaching job Monday! Thank you! Absolutely brilliant software. You should receive my purchase shortly . . .

I thought you might like to know I came across your software from an online review and comparison with another similar product and many seemed just as impressed!

Jana Buvari

One of the most useful and reliable pieces of software

Thank you for clearing up my confusion . . .

I also wanted to let you know that I have found SynchPST to be one of the most useful and reliable pieces of software that I use. I use it to keep my home PC synced with my office PC, and it has performed flawlessly. The enhancement you recently made, allowing multiple contacts with the same name (if the middle name is different), is one of your most useful enhancements, as I do have associates and friends that have the same names. Prior to this enhancement I used initials or variations on their first name to create a difference.

Mike Barth

Thank you for the quick response

I love the SynchPST. I'm currently using Microsoft office with Outlook 2003.

I also want to thank you for the quick response. This is about the fourth time I've contacted you, and I always get a quick response. This is very important to small-business people that are not knowledgeable in computer issues and don't have the resources for a computer staff member. Also, I love Backup Outlook, NoMoreDupes, and TaskToCal. Thanks.

Mary T. Cumella, California, USA

Great software

Great software, I have told all of my business associates regarding the benefits and how good the tech support is.

John Ballantyne, Director, H2o Cost Reduction Services Limited, Glasgow, UK

Killer app for Outlook users

SynchPST is the killer app for Outlook users with a main PC and a netbook that do not use Exchange. I wrote about it on my blog!

Jeremy Treister, President, CMIT Solutions of Chicago Downtown, Illinois

Excellent, easy to use, and fast

I have just bought the Home edition. I want to congratulate you because the product is excellent, easy to use, and fast.

I had used other products in the past that really made a mess of my Outlook contents. Thanks for your help.

Gustavo Lerner

An excellent product that works intuitively

I am very satisfied with SynchPST. It is an excellent product that works intuitively. Customer service is also excellent. I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to sync .PST files over a network, as I have for the past year.

William Bailhache, UK


Very impressed with the ease of use of your software

I licensed the software yesterday at our clients and have to say that the whole sync went so smoothly, considering the size of the PST. I had been trying to use a similar software, which was proving very problematic, but I was very impressed with the ease of use of your software.

Andy Hutchins

Latest upgrade is a HUGE improvement

I have to say, the latest upgrade is a HUGE improvement. I have numerous folders set up for the large number of e-mails I receive (the only way to remain organized), and the latest upgrade allows me to copy from my desktop to my laptop computer in about 2/3 of the time it used to take.

Peter South

Simple and works flawlessly

I am amazed...LOVE the software. It is simple and works flawlessly. Will be introducing it to my company for review on possible usage.

Jacob Rastetter

Just loving my SynchPST PRO

I'm just loving my SynchPST PRO. I use it to synch two laptops with my desktop through my personal wireless network.

Jim C.

Brilliant and speedy response

Thanks again for the brilliant and speedy response - and you can quote me. :)

David Matthew, PhD, Change-fx Consulting, London

Impressive and useful piece of software

This is an impressive and useful piece of software. In addition, support is superb – well above what users have come to expect from software providers.

Michael Jablonski

A life-saver for me

Your product is a life-saver for me. I use it three times a week when I commute to work.

Lisa Norosky, Project Manager

Great job and a great tool

The new speed improvements are incredible. I have a HUGE pst file - over a gig - with hundreds of folders, and SynchPST flies through it all now. Great job and a great tool.

Jeff Mulligan, LLC

Great tech support, great product

I read about the great tech support for this product and you are proving it!

From what I can tell it’s a great product. I like everything about it. I am synching a laptop with 2 PCs.

Mike Jayjock

Your product is a godsend

Thanks for writing - your product is a godsend for me, as I use four different computers.

Peter Smith

Pure brilliance

It's so simple. Just one click to synchronise Outlook between laptop and desktop. Pure brilliance.

Rupert Davies-Cooke, Acorn Films

Excellent, easy to use, and the support system even better

I find SynchPST invaluable. The program is excellent, easy to use, and the support system (rarely needed) even better.

Richard Barnes

Wasn't expecting such personal service!

Thanks for the swift reply! Wasn't expecting such personal service! Your service level deserves all the praise it gets - you certainly deserve to survive these hard times, so good luck!

John Williamson, Managing Director, Learnership Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK

Excellent service and a very useful product

Many thanks for your prompt response! Excellent service and a very useful product!

Nils Jansson, CEO, InfoCaption AB, (support)

Been recommending your program for many years

Thank you for your help, it is very much appreciated. I have been recommending your program for many years. I have just purchased SynchPST Pro for a client over the internet. The latest version is excellent.

Brian Slavin, Professional Computer Sales Pty Ltd., Mona Vale, NSW, Australia

It has performed well over time

Thanks again for your support and your always prompt replies. I have been using SynchPST for many years, and it has performed well over time.

Gary Stadler

If only all software companies were as helpful as you, the world would be a better place

Thanks you very much for all your help solving this problem. If only all software companies were as helpful as you, the world would be a better place. I will recommend your software to anyone who needs it.

Marcus McCheyne, UK

A terrific program well worth the money

What a fabulous program you have written. I moved Outlook 2007 from Vista to a Windows 7 RC install, and it was amazing to be able to open Outlook and see almost everything there.

A terrific program. It's well worth the money. I'll be sure to recommend it.

Manny Carvalho, Dahlonega, Georgia

Just an outstanding program!

I spent $189 for another system, and it was just money down the drain. I tried SynchPST and loved it from installation onward. It does what it is supposed to!

Just an outstanding program! I’ll tell everyone about it.

Kevin Tucker, Realtor, Haymore Real Estate

SynchPST has been a godsend to me

Thank you so much for replying promptly to my e-mail. I am very impressed with the speed of the upgraded product. SynchPST has been a godsend to me, and I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Leslie Markus, Auckland, New Zealand

A rarity in doing exactly what it says it will

For anyone who wants to synchronise Outlook between a desk PC and a laptop as I do as a business, SynchPST is a godsend. I am now able to synchronise Outlook on my laptop in the time it takes to put my coat on before going to a meeting, and am able to reverse the process to my desk PC quickly and efficiently when I return. This programme is a rarity in doing exactly what it says it will. Thank you.

Chris Fleetwood, Paradigm Consulting

Excellent and works perfectly

Your product is excellent and works perfectly. Only small suggestion is a new icon – the one you use does match the quality of the program!

Malcolm Schmidt

By far one of the best programs for Outlook syncing

I’ve been using SynchPST Pro for almost a year now, and it is by far one of the best programs for Outlook syncing. I use it to sync between my desktop and my notebook. It works great.

Kurt Desimpelaere, Belgium

Does everything with little or no fuss

I don't know how I have lived without this wonderful program. It does everything you said it would do with little or no fuss! This program has been great for my business, both for my organization and in the assurance that I will be prepared every time I make my sales calls.

Bob Cowart

A great time saver

I am using SynchPST every day, and it already has proven to be a great time saver. I have been impressed with the simplicity of the product and to date have had no additional problems.

Lori Williams, Chief Strategist, LW and Associates,

It sure runs fast!

At last I updated SynchPST on my notebook. It sure runs fast!

Paul E. Briët

Awesome program that can handle a PST of any size

I tried almost every other program on Slipstick before picking SynchPST. It was important to me that I should recommend a program that could handle a PST of any size, since many of the other programs didn't work correctly when the folders got huge (some of my clients have folders with 20K+ e-mails), but NoMoreDupes and SynchPST work correctly.

So, you're the man. Thanks for your awesome progs.

Zafer Onor, Director of IT, Z.A.F. Tech, Taos,NM

Extremely happy with it

I purchased the basic version of your program several months ago and I'm extremely happy with it. I use it to synchronize our kitchen computer with our home office machine.

Malcolm Hammond

You guys are great!

Thanks! You guys are great! My husband has been using your program for years and recommended it to me.

Linda Moore

Been using SynchPST forever

I’ve been using SynchPST forever :-D and I’m very happy with it!

Ian Grant,

I enjoy using it very much

Great product. I enjoy using it very much, and it really helps when I have to work away from the office.

Jerry Becker,

Fits neatly with our two-computer, small-business setup

We find this software fits neatly with our two-computer, small-business setup. Thanks for developing this.

Wayne McDermott, East Coast Polyurethanes Pty Ltd, Australia

Makes traveling much easier

I just purchased SynchPST Basic and it worked extremely easily. This will make traveling much easier.

Dennis Griffiths

Works a treat

Your software works a treat. It is very flexible.

Steve Shaw, Isle of Man, British Isles

One of the best Customer Service experiences

For the record, this has been one of the best Customer Service experiences that I have enjoyed from a remote software vendor. You actually listen to the clients’ circumstances and make decisions accordingly. It would seem that you have found a way to make your service “Fit” the client.

Bravo . . .

Tevin Datz, Director for Customer Support Services, New York, USA

Now, syncing is so much easier

Now, my syncing is so much easier.

I was using an external hard drive as the "middle-man" for the sync process, using the program from each computer to sync up the external drive, then connecting it to the other computer to update that computer.

Using the home network works great.

Thank you for taking the time to get me on the right path. I appreciate your patience.

Joe Messina

Ran my rather-large PST file without a single problem

SynchPST just ran my rather large PST file without a single problem. And I appreciate you taking the time to answer my emails.

I will also volunteer for beta testing in the future. Your program works great.

Richard Ford

SynchPST is making my life simpler

SynchPST is wonderful. Love the program, and it is making my life simpler.

Jim White, Eastern Division Manager, Brulin & Company

Tenacious and timely post-sales technical support

Thank you once again for your tenacious and timely post-sales technical support. I have been let down in this regard by other companies before, and it is refreshing to get such good service.

Brett Lake-Benson, Control B Web Design & Development,

Absolutely indispensable

I have been using SynchPST since the early days and find it absolutely indispensable. I have an Acer Ferrari 5000 for day-to-day use and an HP 2133 netbook when travelling - which is often - and syncing the two makes life so much easier.

David Hague, Australasian Camcorder Magazine,