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Main screen of SynchPST for Outlook

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"By the way, your program has been written with the end user in mind, it is most intuitive to setup and use." Bill Froehner

"SynchPST is a wonderful product, and it remedied many headaches for me. Beats the heck out of trying to remember to copy PSTs between multiple computers and laptops" Harold Aaron

"Wisco, thank you so much for having made SynchPST. Up until finding it, I have been forced to copy my entire PST every time I needed to use my laptop away from my desk and if I was not meticulous about tracking when and where changes were made, I would lose changes that were made on one machine or the other and then overwritten. I tried another application before your and it was extremely complex to install, use and did not work at the end of my hours of efforts. SynchPST is simple to use and fast to synchronize my very large PST. I am very thankful that for your application, though it boggles my mind that Microsoft has not built this functionality into their OS, networking, tablet PCs, or Outlook products." David Kahn